05-06/08/2006 - report - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Rachel Grindlay

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Rachel on a wet Coastal Track

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Coastal views

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Water pouring down the ledges

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Lovely chalky sandstone

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Tom crossing the Big Marley lagoon entrance

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Rachel near Big Marley lagoon

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Rachel on the beach at Big Marley

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Sandstone colours

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Tom with his cheap rain protection

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Rachel with her less cheap rain protection

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Rachel crossing the creek at Wattamolla

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Wattamolla Falls

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Interesting chasm

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Gymea lily

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Spray from Curracurrong, with Curra Brook in the background

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Eagle Rock

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Garie Beach

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Rachel on Garie Beach

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A dead (but alive looking) puffer? fish

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View up the coast from Thelma Ridge

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Rachel descending to North Era

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A nocturnal visitor

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At camp in the morning

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Eroded track

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Werrong Beach

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Tom at the end of the walk (almost)