29-30/10/2005 - report - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Chris Berwick, Katie Stafford

Katie has photos and a report from the trip. Also, we turned up in a couple of Tom Murtagh's photos.

16581.jpg (96682 bytes)

Chris at the pressure reducing station at Baal Bone Gap

16582.jpg (55609 bytes)

"The Boot"?

16583.jpg (101335 bytes)

Drumstick flower (Isopogon sp)

16584.jpg (77270 bytes)

Chris and Katie on the cliff tops

16586.jpg (81679 bytes)

Chris and Katie, looking across the Crown Creek valley

16588.jpg (71381 bytes)

Pantoneys Crown, our destination

16589.jpg (58843 bytes)

Tom, with Pantoneys Crown in the background

16593.jpg (56969 bytes)

The end of the ridge, with Pantoneys behind

16594.jpg (200968 bytes)

Katie on one of the scrambles up on to Pantoneys

16596.jpg (54685 bytes)

A lizard we found hiding in a small cave

16601.jpg (71023 bytes)

Near the top of the scramble

16604.jpg (97041 bytes)

Not the driest of campsites

16605.jpg (65187 bytes)

Collecting water from the fly - we almost ran out. Ironic!

16606.jpg (73925 bytes)

Chris with the clouds in the valley below the Crown

16607.jpg (68474 bytes)

The summit cairn

16608.jpg (62886 bytes)

Spectacular black boys (Xanthorrhea sp) on the ridge we exited on

16611.jpg (107478 bytes)


16612.jpg (72990 bytes)

Plenty of flies