11-13/06/2005 - report - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, David Noble, John Murray, John McGrath, Allan, Stacey Ly

16132.jpg (100911 bytes)

"The Room", our campsite for the first night

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A grey old day on the tops

16139.jpg (76511 bytes)

A big camp cave that we investigated

16143.jpg (37903 bytes)

Mts Canobla and Gundangaroo

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"Oh what a feeling!" - John McGrath testing the strength of sandstone

16150.jpg (57077 bytes)

View from the overhang

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Allan, Canberra John, Dave and Sydney John in The Room

16181.jpg (23634 bytes)

A kangaroo! In front of Pantoney's Crown

16184.jpg (32623 bytes)

Scenic country

16191.jpg (62105 bytes)

Pagoda formation

16192.jpg (86896 bytes)

Canberra John, Allan and Stacey under the cliffs of the Red Rocks

16201.jpg (86821 bytes)

Sydney John, Allan and Stacey amongst pagodas

16203.jpg (49742 bytes)

Tom in front of Pantoney's Crown

16208.jpg (90571 bytes)

Canberra John climbing a steep pagoda

16216.jpg (74871 bytes)

Dave on "The Great Wall"

16218.jpg (97057 bytes)

Canberra John relaxing in a little chasm

16236.jpg (60720 bytes)

Sydney John enters a mini-canyon

16244.jpg (46027 bytes)

Canberra John atop an overhanging boulder

16247.jpg (77466 bytes)

Our campsite for the second night - a set of magnificent camp caves

16251.jpg (54842 bytes)

The top of a canyon that Canberra John and I had a look at

16255.jpg (80006 bytes)

Dave on a pagoda at sunset

16257.jpg (57690 bytes)

Shadow people

16275.jpg (31123 bytes)

Allan, Stacey and Canberra John

16277.jpg (44316 bytes)

Around the campfire - Sydney John, Stacey, Allan, Canberra John and Dave

16290.jpg (17012 bytes)

Clouds over Pantoney's Crown at Dawn

16301.jpg (45892 bytes)

Ironstone formation

16305.jpg (61250 bytes)

Our second night's camp

16309.jpg (73874 bytes)

Rough country

16310.jpg (25789 bytes)

Tayan Peak

16323.jpg (58801 bytes)

Allan worships the rock - or perhaps he's getting a drink

16325.jpg (59034 bytes)

Canberra John above Capertee Creek

16334.jpg (83824 bytes)

Sydney John and Dave in the canyon