02/06/2005 - report - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Gill Fowler, Liz Edye, Rachel Grindlay

Liz only had a few days back in the country, so we headed out for an easy day walk to catch up, helped by the fact that none of us had to work on Thursday! We all met up at Hornsby station, and after surprisingly bumping into another friend, Caoimhin at the station (but he was heading for a job interview) we jumped on a train to Cowan.

I had basically done the walk before in the other direction, but had it in my mind that there was only one big descent to Berowra Creek and one big climb back up to the station. It turned out that there were some extra smaller ups and downs to cross valleys that I had conveniently forgotten along the way. No matter, it was a beautiful winter day and we stopped at the bottom of the Joe Crafts Creek descent and had morning tea at a little waterfall at the creek crossing.

We managed to lose the track immediately on the other side, but quickly picked it up. As we crested the final ridge before the main drop we could hear the sounds of civilisation - the motor boats on Berowra Creek and the cars driving down to Berowra Waters. At Berowra Waters, we took the crossing on the car ferry and had lunch in the park across the other side, watched closely by numerous kookaburras, seagulls and other birds.

After the obligatory hacky sack session, we crossed back and started the climb out. It didn't take us long to lose the track again, and we managed to climb up to the top of the ridge on ledges through rocky outcrops before unexpectedly crossing the track again at the top. There was a bit more up and down and some more misdirections, before we finally hit the sealed roads in the back streets of Berowra. A short walk to the station, and we were on our way home, a lovely day of walking.