21-28/02/2005 - report - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Rachel Grindlay

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Stalactites in the Mole Creek Caves

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Little Horn and Cradle Mountain tower over Dove Lake

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The boat shed in front of Cradle Mountain

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Rachel and Tom with Cradle Mountain as the backdrop

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In front of Dove Lake

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Dove Lake from the slopes of Cradle Mountain

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Dolerite columns on the side of Cradle Mountain

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Sunset over Cradle Mountain and Mt Campbell

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Cradle Mountain from Waterfall Valley Hut

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Lake Will and Barn Bluff

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Mt Oakleigh from the Pine Forest Moors

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Barn Bluff, Cradle Mountain and Mt Campbell from the Pine Forest Moors

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Descending to Frog Flats

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Rachel and Tom at Frog Flats with Paddy's Nut in the background

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Paddy's Nut

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Mt Oakleigh across the Pelion Plains

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Rachel at the bridge on Douglas Creek below Old Pelion Hut

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Old Pelion Hut

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Rachel on the slopes of Mt Doris, with Mt Ossa behind

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Rachel on the summit of Mt Ossa, looking south

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Tom on the summit of Mt Ossa with Mt Pelion East in the background

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Panoramic view from the summit of Mt Ossa

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Descending Mt Ossa

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Looking up at Mt Ossa from the saddle between Mt Doris

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Mt Pelion East

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One of the many "stags"

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Mt Ossa and Mt Doris

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One of the many wallabies

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Du Cane's Hut

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D'Alton Falls

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D'Alton Falls

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Fergusson Falls

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The canyon below Fergusson Falls

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Hartnett Falls

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Rachel protecting the stove at Pine Valley

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Rachel liked the Pencil Pines

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Cyane Lake in the Labyrinth

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Mt Geryon and the Acropolis

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Lake Elysia in the Labyrinth

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Snow gum

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Rachel, with Mt Gould and the Minotaur

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Rachel was a bit cold at Pine Valley!

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Our campsite at Pine Valley

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Tom on one of the suspension bridges on Cephissus Creek

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The launch on Lake St Clair, below Mt Olympus

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Everyone trying to get on the launch - except Rachel!

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North end of Lake St Clair, with Mt Olympus behind

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Lake St Clair from the visitors centre

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Tall tree

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Lake St Clair from Fergy's Paddock

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Lake St Clair at sunset

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Lake St Clair at sunset

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Lake St Clair at sunrise

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The Lodge on Elizabeth, our accommodation for the last night