02/02-31/01/2005 - report - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Andrew Glover

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The Fakulti team victorious at the Melbourne National League tournament

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A lone telegraph pole stark against the sky

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Rodondo Island surrounded by morning cloud

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Andrew on the rocks at South Point

14682.jpg (84533 bytes)

Tom at South Point (almost)

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Drift wood

14684.jpg (57635 bytes)

Andrew scrambling at South Point

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Rodondo Island, South Point, Wattle Island and Anser Island

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The lighthouse from high on the track

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The lighthouse from near South-East Point

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Skull Rocks

14703.jpg (45064 bytes)

The lighthouse

14704.jpg (25726 bytes)

Wilsons Prom, with Mt Boulder featuring prominently, from the lighthouse

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Waterloo Bay from the slopes of Mt Boulder

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Waterloo Beach

14724.jpg (35229 bytes)

Andrew on Waterloo Beach

14726.jpg (59279 bytes)

Waterloo Beach from the north end

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Interesting granite boulder in the water of Waterloo Bay

14729.jpg (107347 bytes)

Tom and Andrew at camp at Little Waterloo Bay

14730.jpg (74624 bytes)

Andrew on the flats behind Waterloo Bay

14731.jpg (59974 bytes)

Tom leaving Waterloo Beach

14733.jpg (97941 bytes)

Andrew on a boardwalk over Freshwater Creek

14735.jpg (34041 bytes)

Mussolini Rocks