25-26/09/2004 - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, David Noble, Rik Deveridge, Dave Forbes, Asaph Widmer-Cooper, numerous others on each day

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Dave Forbes, Sherylin, Fred and Asaph climbing a short pass

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Dave N's first day crew heading up a small creek

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The party heading into a short but spectacular canyon

14107.jpg (99290 bytes)

In the canyon

14111.jpg (105124 bytes)

Looking back down the canyon from near the top

14115.jpg (105921 bytes)

Dave N with a view back across the tops from where we had come

14116.jpg (140966 bytes)

Asaph and Dave F scrambling down a drop

14122.jpg (59863 bytes)

(Clockwise from bottom R) Rik, Martin, Dave N, Fred, Pat, Trinh

14127.jpg (93423 bytes)

Tayan Pic visible in the distance through the Red Rocks cliffs

14137.jpg (80403 bytes)

The Red Rocks at sunset

14150.jpg (33949 bytes)

The last rays of sunshine over Pantoneys Crown

14154.jpg (72357 bytes)

A birthday poem for Dave N

14155.jpg (86334 bytes)

Sparklers all round

14158.jpg (68284 bytes)

Two of the birthday celebrants, Dave N and Kendy

14159.jpg (51388 bytes)

All of the birthday celebrants - Audrey, Dave N, Kendy and Martin

14161.jpg (77231 bytes)

Riah squeezing through the crack challenge

14162.jpg (95057 bytes)

Sarah doing the squeeze

14164.jpg (67257 bytes)

Dave N trying to find the donkey to pin the tail on

14166.jpg (64471 bytes)

Chris Cosgrove in the "Pin the Tail" outfit

14167.jpg (79077 bytes)

Sabs looking for the donkey

14168.jpg (74619 bytes)

Tom Williams looking stunning, but who has taken the donkey?

14172.jpg (115547 bytes)

"The Room", the morning after

14173.jpg (91655 bytes)

Packing up The Room on Sunday morning

14175.jpg (108958 bytes)

Sabs and Audrey relaxing on Sunday morning

14176.jpg (72279 bytes)

Birthday boy Dave N in front of Pantoney's Crown

14182.jpg (110499 bytes)

Scrambling over one of the many pagodas

14190.jpg (104937 bytes)

Another pagoda to climb

14191.jpg (98079 bytes)

"The Great Wall of China" running along the cliffs

14193.jpg (142640 bytes)

"Digital Dave" Forbes with one of his electronic devices

14195.jpg (75996 bytes)

Martin taking it to the edge

14201.jpg (61124 bytes)

Albert descending from heaven in a beam of sunlight

14203a.jpg (76681 bytes)

The spectacular pinnacle "Ross's Knob"

14208.jpg (120384 bytes)

The party at lunch in the creek on Sunday