15-16/02/2000 - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Fiona Macrae, Sacha Vidler, Sarah Wentworth, Sally Basten, Colin Wagstaff

Fee and Tom at the surreal transit lounge in Rarotonga (Cook Islands), thanks to the now defunct Canada 3000 airline

The ukelele player in the surreal transit lounge

Fee and Sarah on the slopes of Mauna Loa


Moonscape on Mauna Loa

(Unknown) black sand beach, somewhere on the west coast?

Sacha and Fee

Down at the beach

View from Hilina Pali over the coastal plain

Coastal plain


Sal and Fee at Halape Beach

Carved head

On the rocks at Halape

Sarah, Tom and Sal

Swimming at Halape

Dead crayfish

Fee on the climb out

Fee, Colin (napping) and Sal


Walkers following the ahu (cairns) crossing the coastal plain towards Hilina Pali

Climbing Hilina Pali

Climbing Hilina Pali

Colin and Fee

Colin, Sarah and Fee at Kilauea

Halemaumau Firepit

Viewing the lava flows at night from the end of Chain of Craters Road near where it had been crossed by lava