11-13/09/1999 - report - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Lisa McGinnigle, Fiona Macrae, Chris Stephens, Josh Nissenbaum, Owen Rogers, Melissa James

Packed and ready to go at the start of the track

Mel and Chris smell the waratahs

Why is Fee trying to get her thermals off without first taking off her boots?

Granny and Chris

Colo scenery


Colo scenery

Lunch on a rocky outcrop - Owen, Mel, Fee, Granny, Chris, Josh

The Colo River

Lunch at the distinctive tree

Owen (with his enema stick) and Granny

Colo scenery

Colo scenery

Josh and Chris

Around the campfire at Colo Meroo

An inquisitive visitor, but Owen is ignoring him

Mel leading the party up the river

Granny and Josh - looking for a fight?

Sandbanks in the Colo

Time for a consultation - where the fugawi?

Tom walking upstream

Chris seems to have lost his shorts


The next morning, climbing out the T3 Track

Finally back at Mountain Lagoon - (standing) Fee, Tom, Granny, (sitting) Owen, Josh, Mel, Chris

Aerial photo showing a map of our route