Other Wollangambe Canyons

Dumbano Canyon

Dumbano Creek has many sections of canyon from high up down to around MGA540001 (Wollangambe). Lots of swimming, and possible short drops in the upper sections. The lower section from (MGA532993) is deep and impressive, starting with an abseil of up to 25m, and has a fair bit of swimming. Exits are fairly obvious. Also some of the tributaries are canyons. A good overnight trip is to descend the southern branch (Cesspit Canyon), a very good canyon despite its unattractive name, and then lower Dumbano Canyon before exiting.

Yarramun Canyon

Yarramun Creek has numerous sections of canyon from near its headwaters to down near the Interesting Creek junction (MGA580970, Wollangambe). High up, both the north and south branch are good canyons, with swims and short drops, and an abseil (less than 10m) in the south branch. Below the junction (at MGA513953) there are further good sections of canyon, amidst superb gorge, which require swimming and possible rope use for short drops. Many of the tributaries of Yarramun Creek are good canyons.

Wollangambe Canyon

Besides the popular tourist sections, the Wollangambe River has canyon sections from high up in the headwaters, down towards Mt Irvine. These are of varying quality, but generally involve swimming. Ropes are not needed for most parts of the river, but a boulder blockup around MGA583925 may need descending gear.

Du Faur Creek

Du Faur Creek has other sections of canyon higher up than the well-known section.

Lower Bowens Creek South

There are a number of sections of canyon in the south branch of Bowens Creek below the usual exit to the upper section (MGA560856, Mt Wilson). These continue to near the junction with the North Branch. Possible short abseils (less then 10m) and numerous swims. Exit as for Lower Bowens Creek North Canyon.

Hobnail Canyon (Range Creek)

Intermittent canyon sections from MGA551832 (Mt Wilson) to the Bowens Creek junction, short abseils (up to 15m if the canyon is blocked up), swims.

Lower Bowens Creek

Canyon conditions continue intermittently below the junction of North and South Bowens, to some way past Waterfall Creek. Swims and a possible abseil. Exits may be tricky to find, but are possible around the major creeks (Waterfall Creek, Zircon Creek, Mill Creek).