Other Carmarthen Canyons

Explorers Brook (Burumin Canyon)

Explorers Brook has a number of sections of canyon, which continue below the junction with King George Brook. There are some possible short drops and one longer abseil before the junction with King George Brook that can be done in stages, up to 20m long. Numerous swims, some long. Exits are difficult - one option for an overnight trip is to reverse Carmarthen Brook to the Claustral exit, but this is not easy. Another is to continue down to the vicinity of Tomah or Tallara Creeks, where the clifflines become less continuous. A good two day trip.

King George Brook (Caley Canyon)

Like Explorers Brook, King George Brook has a number of sections of canyon from around MGA572809 (Mt Wilson). A few abseils and swims. As for Explorers Brook, exits are difficult. It may be possible to exit to the north near the junction with Explorers Brook.