08-10/06/2019 - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Rachel Grindlay, Jonathan Potts

Jonathan on the rim of the Wolgan

Looking down the first canyon

Tom on the second abseil

Rachel watching Jonathan on the third abseil

Jonathan checking out the inky black pool on the fourth abseil

Rachel on the abseil into a waist deep pool

Jonathan on the fifth abseil

Sixth abseil

Rachel above a little abseil/climbdown

A both extremely convenient and extremely slippery log!

Jonathan on the final abseil

Valley cloud

Open ridge top walking

Jonathan climbing the ascent gully

It might be winter but it's still warm!

Jonathan at the start of the canyon - not that impressive

Rachel on the next drop

Jonathan on abseil

Abseiling lower down

Now the canyon starts to narrow - Rachel on the fourth abseil

Fifth abseil

Jonathan watching Rachel abseil

Awkward start for the sixth abseil off the sling at our feet

Rachel on the second stage of the abseil

Narrow squeezy abseil

One final drop to climb down before the canyon opens out - above another drop

Jonathan on the exit, with some convenient logs

Jonathan and Rachel scrambling

Further up the pagodas

High camp

The camera sans photographer

Jonathan on the abseil into our short canyon

Lower down on abseil

In the short canyon

Pagoda city

A pile of rocks with a log in it - a survey mark?

Rachel descending the track on the final afternoon