20/01/2018 - report - photos - Coachwood Canyon track notes - Rocky Creek Canyon track notes - Twister Canyon track notes

Participants: Tom Brennan, Rachel Grindlay, Jon Bell, Ross Jamieson, Kavita Joshi, David Carmichael, Patrick Lorrimer, Damon De Costa

With over 20 people interested in the trip, Simon Hager kindly volunteered to lead a second party on the same day. My group started half an hour in front, and after doing more bush bashing than expected to get to the canyon, I was a bit worried we would get caught. Luckily Simon's party had done similar, so we kept a good distance apart, meeting up in Rocky Creek at lunch (our end of lunch, their start of lunch) and then again in Rocky Creek Canyon, where we were repeating the jump and slide section for the cameras.

After getting to the top of Rocky, it was still a stinking hot day, so most of us decided to reverse Twister Canyon. The tricky bottom section involves an overhanging climb up tree roots, above a deep pool, which provided a fair bit of amusement! (Splash!). A few people headed home, most stayed for camping and a variety of activities the next day.