20/01/2018 - report - photos - Coachwood Canyon track notes - Rocky Creek Canyon track notes - Twister Canyon track notes

Participants: Tom Brennan, Rachel Grindlay, Jon Bell, Ross Jamieson, Kavita Joshi, David Carmichael, Patrick Lorrimer, Damon De Costa

Rachel on the first big abseil



The big waterfall

Jon on a hand-over-hand

Kavita abseiling

The second stage of the abseil

Jon doing the exposed traverse instead

Damon on the third abseil

Lower down in the chamber

Kavita just lying around!

Rachel on the final abseil

Kavita just lying around again!

Kavita in Rocky Creek Canyon

Wading and swimming in Rocky Creek

Ross, Patrick and Kavita



Jon keeping his technology above water


Damon and Kavita

Light at the end of the tunnel


Jon jumping


Jon again

Kavita sliding

Kavita and Jon ... ballroom dancing?

Swimming up to the Washing Machine

What's Jon finding so funny? Oh, he's blocking up all the water with his bottom ...

... in order to dump it on the next people!

Near the top of Rocky Creek

Still being hot, we decide to reverse Twister - Ross climbing up

Damon on the tree roots

Ian climbing

One of many little slides to climb up in Twister

Alan does the big jump

More slide reversing

Camp at Barcoo Swamp