19/11/2017 - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Rachel Grindlay

Rachel at the first obstacle

At the bottom of the short abseil

In the first amphitheatre

Near the top of the (second) main abseil


Rachel on the main abseil

On the abseil

Looking down the next section of canyon - at this point I hadn't notice the sling around the boulder, so I thought it was just a flat corridor!

Looking back to Rachel and the short drop

Looking down the next (third) abseil

Rachel at the top of the abseil

On the abseil

Coiling ropes at the end of the drop

Looking back up canyon

Canyon formation


In the canyon

Canyon formation

The canyon opens out

Looking back up

We walked out via another creek, which had some beautiful rainforest

Impassable waterfall at the head of the main creek - there was a gully nearby that was an easy (well, scrubby) walk up