09/04/2017 - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Evan Fimbres

Evan on the big abseil into the creek

Nearing the start of the canyon

Looking down the canyon from the abseil

Evan abseiling out of the Keyhole

Pounding waterfall - thankfully you don't have to abseil down it!

Swimming one of the many chilly pools

One of several tricky scrambles, mostly tricky because the rock is treacherously slippery!

Evan emerging from under the boulders

Spa bath?

Washing machine?!

All good fun!

Canyon formation

Evan contemplating a little jump

Wading further down the canyon

A feisty waterfall

More slippery scrambling

Evan jumping the final drop

Sea to Summit - not so waterproof!

Vida Falls

Half way up the climb, looking down

Evan hauls his way up Alpheus Canyon

Looking down Katoomba Creek, and across to the Fortress