26-29/01/2017 - report - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Rachel Grindlay, Andrew "Smiffy" Smith, Antoniya Bachvarova

Smiffy also has photos from this trip.

Heading up Coorongooba Creek

At the top of our first pass - it's a bit warm!

Smiffy on his first abseil (our second!)

Rachel on the next abseil

Smiffy on the fourth abseil

Smiffy on the fifth abseil

Rachel on the sixth abseil

Toni bridging, Smiffy pulling the ropes

Rachel at the bottom of the seventh abseil

Toni on the eighth abseil

Smiffy on the ninth abseil ... or is it the tenth ... or ... I've lost count

Toni on some abseil or other

Toni - probably on the tenth abseil

Rachel on the final abseil, whatever number we are up to by now!

Smiffy on the last abseil

Heading out the bottom of the canyon

Our camp cave for the next couple of nights. It rained, so it was a welcome shelter

Rachel reversing one of the drops in our first canyon

Another little upclimb

The most imposing of the drops, though it turned out to be technically not that hard

Smiffy on another upclimb

Finally we make it out on to the ridge - light rain has covered all the spiders webs with droplets

Looking down the next canyon

Rachel abseiling

Looking down canyon

Toni tossing the ropes

Smiffy on the next abseil

Rachel on the abseil

Abseiling into our next canyon - there's a fair bit more water than the previous ones

Rachel in rain jacket preparing to take a soaking

Toni on the abseil - it is possible to cross the falls to avoid getting too wet at the bottom

Smiffy on the big drop, watched by Rachel way below

Toni on the main falls

Toni and Smiffy in the gorge below at dusk

The next morning we are greeted by a lurking Death Adder (Acanthophis antarcticus) outside our cave

Sunlight on spider webs

Rachel in the pretty gorge where we climb out

Rachel abseiling into our first creek - not a canyon unfortunately

Toni on the abseil

Looking down a hole in the next creek

Rachel on perhaps the second abseil - the sun was out so most of the photos are quite contrasty

Smiffy on the next abseil

Looking down the main drop

Rachel on the main abseil

Smiffy abseiling the main drop

Rachel pulling the ropes

Rachel on the final abseil over a large chockstone

Looking out of a dark satanic slot

Toni and Smiffy climbing the pass for the third time that day

Camp in a saddle on the ridge above our final creek

Smiffy and Toni in our final creek, a lovely rainforest gorge, cool given the hot day already outside

Rachel in the gorge

Beautiful section of slabs

Scrambling in the most canyon-like section of the creek (half a canyon!)

Smiffy and Toni scrambling a small fall

Rachel at the top of another excellent section of slabs, with lots of pools for a quick dip

Toni on the first abseil

The creek starts to steepen

Rachel looking for a way down a short drop

Between abseils

Rachel on the third abseil

More slabs leading to...

...the last abseil

Sandy Capertee River

Grassy river flats - would make excellent camping

Capertee cliffs

After the tempest - many tree this size and bigger had been felled by lightning