07-08/01/2017 - photos - Heart Attack Canyon track notes - Surefire Canyon track notes

Participants: Tom Brennan, Rachel Grindlay, Andrew "Smiffy" Smith, Antoniya Bachvarova, Chris Arnison

Cliffs of Heart Attack Brook, with Surefire Brook beyond

Smiffy hand-over-handing into a small side canyon

Rachel and Chris in the side canyon

Toni emerging from a boulder blockup

The big chockstone just downstream from the start of the canyon

The photographers prepare!

Chris abseiling the big drop

Toni abseiling

Rachel on the abseil

Chris in the canyon

Impressive canyon


Deep in the canyon

Chris on the awkward hand-over-hand

Chris gets set for the tricky abseil...

...but decides that the approach from that side is not a goer!

Smiffy abseiling

Chris checking out Toni's style

Toni on another awkward downclimb

Narrow canyon

Campsite in what is otherwise a very scrubby area!

Looking down one of the drilling holes - it is very deep!

Smiffy looking for a way through the cliffs above Surefire Canyon

Smiffy on the first abseil

Chris and Smiffy above a short scramble

Toni on the next abseil

Smiffy on the third abseil

Rachel on the second abseil

Rachel on the third abseil

Rachel scrambling

Rachel bridging

Chris on the fourth abseil


Toni on the last drop

Chris emerges from the wade/swim

Chris and Toni checking out the Eastern Brown Snake in the alcove





Lunch cave

Rachel balancing