21-22/12/2016 - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Rachel Grindlay

Car camping on the ridge on the day prior to the trip

The creek walls start to close in

Impressively high walls of the gorge

Looking down the canyon

Rachel on a short abseil

Another abseil a little further down

Setting up for another abseil in the deep gorge

Rachel on the abseil, into probably the best canyon section (not saying much!)

After lunch we head downstream and try to climb out up a side creek, but hit this waterfall

Instead we find a nearby steep gully and cilmb that to get through the first cliffline

Further up the ridge, after a few more smaller clifflines

One final cliffline awaits, and unfortunately a recent rockfall means that it end in an overhang!

On top of the ridge, looking down the major valley

Views of cliffs across the valley

Cliffs and crags


Ridge top campsite

Gloomy morning

Last views of the valley before we head up the ridge

Rachel in a pagoda complex

Open ridge top

Dipodium punctatum (Hyacinth Orchid)