20/11/2016 - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Rachel Grindlay, Clare Williams, Stanley Wong

Heading along the cliffline to the creek

Lovely ferns

Clare on our first abseil

Clare on the next drop - the top part of Macquarie Falls

Mel, in our second party, on that same drop

Rachel at the top of the third drop

Clare on the lower part of Macquarie Falls, the longest abseil @ 34m

The other party abseiling behind us

The lower drop of Macquarie Falls

Rachel at Clover Falls

Rachel abseiling Clover Falls

Stanley at Clover Falls

Clare abseiling the falls

Mel abseiling Clover Falls

Pretty creek walking

Clare abseiling into the lower section of canyon, below the causeway

Rachel on the next little drop

The party behind abseiling - looking up one of the most canyonlike sections of creek

Clare jumping

More lovely creek walking

Rachel on the next abseil

Rachel on the final abseil, into another slot section

Clare checking out the drop

Mel belaying Simon

Srini and Rich scrambling near the end

Simon jumping, Rich scrambling high

Rich goes for a slide

Srini jumps

So does Rich!

Mel showing good form!