13/11/2016 - report - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Brendon Anderson, Ian Houghton, Caroline Houghton, Tania Parker, Simon Parker, Darryl Sullings

Simon on the impressive waterfall abseil into the creek

Tania belaying Simon

Stairs leading out of the amphitheatre

Old engravings near the stairs

Scrambling down to the first drop in the canyon

Brendon abseiling

Caroline on the abseil

Downstream from the amphitheatre

Caroline avoiding a swim

Impressive walls of ferns

Simon scrambling a short drop

Darryl in the canyon

Tania and Simon

Brendon and Darryl at a little waterfall

Simon on the next abseil

Darryl abseiling to keep dryish

Tania takes the wet route!

The party watches on

Darryl and Simon wading

Beautiful rainforest creek

Bush camp in Bedford Creek

Bush camp in Bedford Creek