12/11/2016 - report - photos - Jugglers Canyon track notes

Participants: Tom Brennan, Jon Bell, David Mason, Jo Daly, Alex Alperovich

Despite rain, overnight storms, and driving through showers on the way up the mountains, it was fine and sunny by the time we met at Medlow Bath. We quickly dropped into Jugglers Canyon, and Jon and David kept finding abseils that I wasn't even planning on doing, including one I'd never even done before. It was Jo and Alex's first canyoning trip, so a good tester away from the nice grippy rock that we do the training workshops on. Lunch was at beautiful Beauchamp Falls, where we discussed how it should be pronounced (it's pronounced Beecham, if you're interested).

Then it was up the now almost fully restored Grand Canyon track to the start of the Grand Canyon. Most people only get to see it from the top, but it's much better from the bottom! The swim was colder than usual, but also shorter than usual. After a break at the lookout halfway up the Pilcher Track, we were back at the cars about 4:30pm. Jo and I went to Jon's rented place and enjoyed wine and nibbles watching the afternoon light on Fortress Ridge. A lovely day.