22/10/2016 - report - photos - Better Offer Canyon track notes

Participants: Tom Brennan, Rachel Grindlay, Jon Bell, Srinivas Gowda, Paul O'Callaghan, Alladdin Bajwa, Jenny Lian, Viviana Flores

It was a cold grey day when we parked at the clearing on Bells Line and set off along the ridge. Jon boldly proclaimed that he would need sunscreen by the end of the day!

The waratahs were out in force - it looks like one of the best shows in several years.

A short off track jaunt led us to the start of the canyon, a short slippery abseil. The following abseil is one of the prettiest in the canyon, down a narrow chute into a small amphitheatre, and the beginners got to put all of their skills into practice. A little further on, the "waist deep pool" was a little more than waist deep for most, eliciting some interesting responses. They might have been squeals of enjoyment, but perhaps not! The second last abseil was a long one, into another large amphitheatre, and the sun and blue sky had emerged by now, allowing Jon a moment of smugness.

On the final abseil Viviana had a slip and got a nasty gash to her knee. Given where we were, still deep in the canyon, this could have been problematic. However, Viviana bravely walked out on it after patching from Paul and Jon, with the party divvying up her gear to make it easier.