22/10/2016 - report - photos - Better Offer Canyon track notes

Participants: Tom Brennan, Rachel Grindlay, Jon Bell, Srinivas Gowda, Paul O'Callaghan, Alladdin Bajwa, Jenny Lian, Viviana Flores

Photographing the waratahs - there were plenty of these out on the ridge on the walk in

Waratahs (Telopea speciosissima)

Heading in on the ridge above the Grose Valley

Srini on the first abseil

Scrambling down the creek


Rachel on the second abseil



Rachel belaying Srini

The party below the abseil - Srini, Alladdin, Viviana, Paul, Jon, Jenny, Rachel

Canyon formation


Viviana on the next abseil

Paul looking dubiously at the water depth (it's more than waist deep!)


Alladdin on the next abseil

Jon on the same abseil

Rachel on the big drop

Srini and Jon watching

Rachel belaying Srini

Grose Valley views

Hakea sp.

Approaching Birrabang Brook

Alladdin looking down into Birrabang Brook

Jenny climbing out

Stop at the lookout above the exit

Heading back up the ridge

Rachel and I head off to meet Rich and Mel, and camp. Mel and Rachel enjoying the warming fire.