16/10/2016 - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan

High up in the creek, looks nice and scrubby!

Shallow section of canyon high up

Waterfall in a small amphitheatre

Canyon formation

More shallow canyon

Canyon formation

Looking down the abseil - about a 5m drop

Below the abseil

The abseil dropped into this pretty pool and amphitheatre

Waterfall and amphitheatre in a side creek

The creek flows through a hole

Canyon formation and a longish (and cold) swim

Canyon formation

Overhangs just after lunch

For the most part the creek was pretty easy going, but before the main canyon was a particularly scrubby bit

Looking down the main canyon

One of the awkward little drops in the canyon

Canyon formation

Another climb through a hole

The route down is under the boulder

Canyon formation

Another boulder jam

Looking through another hole

Canyon formation

Near the Bowens Creek junction

Bowens Creek Canyon

Bowens Creek Canyon - foam

Bowens Creek Canyon - reflections

Bowens Creek Canyon

Tom in Bowens Creek Canyon

Bowens Creek from the lookout

Looking across towards Mt Tomah