20/08/2016 - report - photos - Dione Dell Canyon track notes

Participants: Tom Brennan, Jon Bell, Jo Squires, Ed Squires, David Carmichael, Emma Simpson, David Mason

Snow on the tablelands

On the Oberon Road

All rugged up and no place to go!

Making our way down Dione Dell

Jon on the first abseil

Jo wading the pool

Ed on the abseil

The first waterfall

Top of the second waterfall

Jon abseiling

The second falls

Rock hopping down the creek

Top of the third falls

Emma scrambling

Pindari Tops

David C and Jo belaying

David M abseiling

Jon checking out the drop

The third falls

Emma on the abseil

Jo wading the pool at the bottom


Jon keeping his balance

Below the third falls - David M, Jon, Ed

Jon on the fourth abseil

Rock hopping near Margaret Falls

Tom and rainbow

David M

The amusingly named Grotto of Uranus

Emma on Pindari Tops

David M

Jon, Ed and Jo crossing the heath

Emerging back on to the road

Snow at our campsite

David M maintaining the fire

Happy campers!