27/02/2016 - photos - Yileen Canyon track notes

Participants: Tom Brennan, Craig Flynn, Mandy Spargo, Tal Flynn, Gary Dukes

Entering the canyon

Looking for a way down

Mandy under an overhang

At the next obstacle

Gary scrambling down the drop

Gary jumping the first drop

Craig in the canyon

Craig videoing


The object of worship!

Beautiful clear water

Tal abseiling

Gary descends

Craig and Gary

More movie making

Tal on the final abseil

Mandy on the drop

Gary working his way around the tree

Mt Wilson Walks

Aboriginal grinding grooves at Mt Wilson

Du Faurs Rocks

Colourful overhang below Du Faurs Rocks

Du Faur Creek view

Pheasants Cave

Glimpse of the lower falls on the Waterfall Track

The upper falls are in the basalt