20/02/2016 - photos - Empress Canyon track notes - Mt Hay Canyon track notes

Participants: Tom Brennan, Rod Wales, Neil Soutar, Lucy Keatinge, Jon Bell, Nicole Mealing, Ian Houghton, Caroline Houghton, Darryl Sullings, Alan Osland

John also has photos from this trip

Overcast skies on the walk in

Heading down the new access track

Rod on the little climb down at the corner

Rod on the first abseil in the side creek

Darryl and Caroline scrambling just before the swims start

Rod and Darryl enjoying the water

Geronimo! Jon jumping one of the drops

The other SBW party waiting for us to mostly finish

Darryl on the main abseil

Caroline abseiling

Looking down off the chockstone

Lucy on the first of the main abseils

Alan coming down into the chamber below the falls

Ian, Darryl and Rod heading for the jump

Caroline jumping

Darryl swimming the pool below the jump

Darryl at the bottom of the final chute

Darryl on the last abseil

Jon on the climb

Lucy climbing

Approaching storms

Nicole in Empress Canyon

Nicole on the abseil

Jon abseiling