13/12/2015 - report - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Rachel Grindlay, Richard Pattison, Sue Bucknell, Ali Curtin

Looking down one of the creeks we intend to check out

Sue, Rachel, Ali and Rich scrambling down pagodas

The canyon starts to form

Canyon formation

Ali, Rachel and Rich in the canyon

This looks quite good

Rich manages to bridge out and then scramble down to the bottom of the drop

Rachel abseiling the drop

Canyon formation

Sue abseiling

Below the drop

In our lunch cave at the end of the canyon

Rachel scrambling through a narrow slot

As we wandered around the cliffline looking for a pass, there were many of these overhangs

Rich enjoying views from a lookout

Sue abseiling into our next creek

Nice gorge, but no real canyon

Ali abseiling a drop that Rich and I walked around

Rachel abseiling into the canyon - unfortunately the sun was shining directly in so the photos are pretty crap

Rich abseiling

Sue on the abseil

Looking down the next drops

Sue abseiling

Looking down the final abseil

Sue abseiling the final drop