15/11/2015 - report - photos - The Dry Canyon track notes

Participants: Tom Brennan, Jon Bell, Jo Squires, Ed Squires, Miriam Scarr, Rod Wales, John Flint

It drizzled most of the night and was miserable and damp in the morning, and I eventually called off Coachwood Canyon.

We drove off to the Dry Canyon for a walkthrough and unsurprisingly the weather cleared up. Since we were out near the Glowworm Tunnel, I proposed a trip through a small dry canyon nearby.

Rod made me nervous packing ropes, when I had just taken a 60m for the final abseil (it turned out to be 27m). He also made me nervous over lunch about the dodgy tree anchor at the top of the first abseil. The one right on the edge was certainly dodgy. However, there were slings around solid trees some way further back!

The canyon was good fun, with three abseils in the canyon, and the spectacular final freehanging abseil almost directly down to the Glowworm Tunnel itself. Unfortunately no tourists to spectate! John, Ed, Jo and Miriam headed back through the tunnel, which they reported was in good condition, while Rod, Jon and I walked up Bells Grotto Canyon.

Most of us finished with dinner at the Royal Hotel in Richmond. An excellent weekend with a great group.