28/02/2015 - report - photos - Breakfast Creek Canyon track notes

Participants: Tom Brennan, Scott Kirby, Ed Squires, Josette Squires

Scott and Ed scrambling down into St Paul's Cathedral

Jo in the short upper canyon

Ed on the first abseil

Jo on the continuation of the abseil into the main slot

Massive chockstone perched overhead

Scott on the main abseil

Ed and Jo scrambling

Scott climbing down the water chute

Scott descending a short drop on convenient logs

Looking back up the canyon

Ed belaying Scott

Jo waiting for the abseil to become free

Ed checking out the anchors for the next drop

Jo on the abseil

Scott abseiling

Scott near the end of the canyon

Exploring the side canyon

Scott, Jo and Ed in the side canyon

Canyon formation

The canyon is blocked by a small waterfall


Jo, Ed and Scott

Ed and Jo

Ed climbing back down a short drop in the side canyon

Rocky Creek

Jo and Ed climbing the waterfall in Rocky Creek

Jo, Ed and Scott heading through a canyon section in Rocky Creek

Jo and Ed

Scott climbing up the slab near the top of the exit gully

Jo and Ed on the exposed slab

Ed near the top

I camped near the Carne Creek cliffs - late afternoon sun on the cliffs

Looking down Carne Creek to the Wolgan Valley, including Mt Wolgan and Donkey Mountain

Looking up Carne Creek

Sunset over Carne Creek

Carne Creek cliffs