07/02/2015 - report - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Rachel Grindlay, Vivien de Remy de Courcelles, Alan Osland, Brendon Anderson

Rachel on the burnt out approach into the upper reaches of Cesspit

Vivien and Rachel at the end of a very short canyon section

Easy walking down the burnt creek

Another short section of canyon above the main canyon

You could walk along directly above the canyon

Fluted walls

The entry into the main canyon, down a long log slide

Alan in the canyon

Rachel swimming while Alan checks out ahead



Rachel and Vivien

Rachel and some interesting carved out walls


At one stage this little side canyon enters

Brendon at the end of the jump/swim

Vivien contemplates the jump

Rachel jumping

Brendon looking down the canyon

Rachel, Alan and Vivien swimming

Rachel photographing Vivien


The canyon continues - Rachel and Vivien

Rachel and Vivien

Small snake, most likely a Mustard-Bellied Snake (Drysdalia rhodogaster)


Brendon wading near the Dumbano junction

Below the Dumbano junction, Rachel and Brendon heading downstream

Rachel and friend!

This is probably another Mustard-Bellied Snake (Drysdalia rhodogaster)

A bit closer - Mustard-Bellied Snake (Drysdalia rhodogaster)

Swimming in Dumbano Canyon

Impressive boulder fall, though we are not the first (search Dumbano Dungeons for a trip from over 50 years ago!)

Downstream, the canyon continues


Alan plays Spiderman to avoid a swim (though he doesn't end up crossing this!)

Vivien swimming back up the canyon

Alan in the deep canyon

Canyon formation

The party in an impressive side canyon

This part of the canyon follows a fault line

Waterfall in the canyon

Canyon formation near the Dumbano junction

Brendon with Dumbano and Cesspit in the background

Vivien and Rachel crossing rocky platforms on the ridge

Wollangambe Wilderness

Heading up the burnt out ridge

Rachel works whether we're going the right way or not

Grassy slopes heading for home