01/02/2015 - report - photos - Geronimo Canyon track notes

Participants: Tom Brennan, Ed Squires, Josette Squires, Nicole Mealing, Paddy Aicken, Darryl Sullings, Jenny Stephens, Grant Carter

Paddy also has photos from this trip

A view you don't often get - looking across the Wollangambe to the ridge that leads to Geronimo and Horseshoe Canyons

Jo on the abseil in to Geronimo

Grant on the second abseil - we had to retrieve the rope each time via the sling

Paddy and Nicole below the second abseil

Jenny watching Darryl on the third abseil

Nicole belaying Paddy on the third abseil

Canyon formation

Paddy and Nicole

A small snake, probably a Mustard-Bellied Snake (Drysdalia rhodogaster) judging by the black head and slightly yellow nape of the neck

Heading down the canyon

Jenny on the fourth abseil

Nicole at the bottom of the fourth abseil

Put your hands in the air!

Everyone trying my swimming technique for keeping your shoulders dry

In Upper Wollangambe Canyon

Upper Wollangambe Canyon

Ed abseiling the cliff above Horseshoe Canyon

Paddy and Darryl in a chockstone tunnel

Ed on the first abseil

Nicole on the abseil


In the canyon - Ed, Grant, Jenny and Nicole

Jo checking out the next abseil

Darryl looking down canyon

Nicole on the second abseil

Canyon formation

The waterfall at the second abseil

Ed in the canyon

Gloomy and raining by the time we get to Mt Wilson