17-18/01/2015 - report - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Rachel Grindlay

Heading for Mt Hay? No, it's across the other side of the Grose!

OK, which way do we go here?!

The side creek we entered by had this canyon-like tunnel and waterfall

Rachel at the same overhang as a photo of her from 2008

Rachel in the first canyon section - before putting wetsuits on

A little climb down in another canyon-like section

Tunnel through boulders

Going for an afternoon stroll? Yabby (technically a spiny crayfish, but I've been calling them yabbies for so many years I'm hardly going to stop now) on the move.

Rachel on the second abseil, the main waterfall

Swimming the large pool at the bottom of the falls

Just below the falls is mild canyon, but more pretty gorge

Just past a creek junction, we hit some narrow canyon

Canyon formation

Rachel at the jump

Rachel swimming the tunnel below the jump

Beautiful fern covered walls

Rachel in Buramin Canyon

Canyon formation

Rachel swimming

Rachel in the canyon

Nearing the junction with King George Brook

Go away and stop annoying me!

Below the junction with King George Brook, there is a lovely gorge with canyon sections

The super-deep gorge below the junction

Rachel checking out where to go in the boulder filled gorge

This way? Splash!

Lovely gorge

The scrambling looks easy, except that everything is treacherously slippery - partly due to the very fine grained sandstone

Looking down another section of deep gorge

Beautiful walls. Looks like canyon, but opens up again around the corner

The boulder blockup we spent about 20 minutes negotiating

Lightning strike?

Negotiating another short canyon section a long way below the normal canyon band

Our rocky camp cave

Boulders and massive water gum (Tristaniopsis) near our camp

Another view of the cave

Rachel sliding down another slippery waterfall

Rocky slabs at the junction with Carmarthen Brook

Lovely gorge in Carmarthen Brook

Morning tea at this waterfall and boulder jam

Rachel swimming the lower canyon in Thunder Gorge (Carmarthen Brook)

To get out you needed to climb up this slippery waterfall, which required some partner-assistance

Another swim in Thunder Gorge

Canyon formation

Lovely gorge

Removing the rubbish that results from leaving fixed lines in canyons

Walking up lower Thunder Canyon

Ferny section just before the normal exit

Mountain dragon (Rankinia diemensis, formerly Tympanocryptis diemensis)

Rachel at the swim in upper Claustral

Trying to keep dry by bridging

The final swim in Claustral before the exit

At the end of the day ... looking back across to Mt Banks where we started the trip