04/01/2015 - photos - Lower Bowens Creek North Canyon track notes

Participants: Tom Brennan, Rachel Grindlay, Belinda Kinneally, Dan Smith, Owen Shepherd

Owen jumping near the start of the canyon

Owen and Dan scrambling down logs

Dan wading the pool just before the abseils

Owen abseiling (though he looks like he's just having a sit down!)

Bel on the first abseil

Dan on the abseil

Bel on the second abseil

Bel watching Owen abseil

Rachel and Owen near the bottom

Rachel pulling the rope

Rachel photo-pfaffing

Owen in the canyon

Rachel and Owen wading

Canyon formation

Canyon formation

Common Scaly-Foot (Pygopus lepidopodus)


Owen and Bel at a short drop

Bel climbs down

Bel and Dan

Owen climbing up the exit