09/11/2014 - photos - Claustral Canyon track notes

Participants: Tom Brennan, Jonathan Smith, Angie Reeve, Patrick Timm

Johnno on the first climb down/jump in

Pat on the first abseil

Ange on the abseil


Looking down the second abseil

Walls in the Black Hole

Canyon formation

Looking up the third abseil

Pat in a pot(hole)

We rescued this chilly fella from inside the Black Hole

Ange and Johnno

Pat carried him out of the Black Hole on a stick (though he wasn't happy - the lizard that is!)

Not looking too lively

Rich and Mel arrive via Ranon at the Claustral junction while we are rescuing the lizard

Rich in the hole

I almost put my hand on this bloke!

Tree frog (probably Blue Mountains Tree Frog, Litoria citropa)

Close up

Uh oh! The water dragon has perked up and is looking peckish...

Rich log walking


The long standing log

Rich and Mel

More ferns

Mel and Rich in the ferny constriction

Thunder junction


Johnno on the first climbdown

Rich ready to catch Mel!

Starting the Tunnel Swim

The Tunnel

Looking back up canyon from above the second climbdown

Rich jumps the climbdown

Johnno and Rich climbing up Rainbow Ravine

Back in Claustral Brook after crossing the Camels Hump, Ange descending tree roots

Johnno edging past a pool

Mel and Rich - honey bridging?

Johnno looking to avoid the swim

Pat and Ange bridging

Pat does some fancy footwork...

...while Ange opts for the swim

OK, this is starting to look precarious...


Bypassing the final swim

Climbing out the little side canyon

Looking across the Carmarthen Labyrinth

Rich, Pat, Johnno and Ange