08/11/2014 - photos - Whungee Wheengee Canyon track notes

Participants: Tom Brennan, Richard Pattison, Melissa Thomas, Jonathan Smith, Angie Reeve, Patrick Timm

Julian abseiling into the creek

Julian and Ange emerge from one of the early duckunders

Mel and Rich coming out of the first glowworm cave

Pat jumping

Julian keeping the water out!

Ange channeling Jesus

Mel admiring the canyon

Julian and Johnno

Pat and Mel backtracking to the next duckunder

The venue for Packer's next casino?

Canyon formation


Julian watching Mel showing off her balance

Rich demonstrates the same

Everyone going to great lengths to stay out of the pool

Mel at the bottom of a little climbdown

Rich ... swimming?!

Pat abseiling the first drop

Johnno ... it's tricky!

Julian abseiling

Ange on the second abseil


Johnno abseiling


What are Julian and Mel looking at?

Pat has got himself into a tight situation!

The final corridor


Canyon formation

In the Wollangambe

Swimming towards the Waterfall of Moss junction

Wollangambe Canyon

Pat jumping at the exit