19-20/07/2014 - report - photos - The Dry Canyon track notes

Participants: Tom Brennan, Alan Osland, Rod Wales, Meredith Junor, Neil Soutar, Marcia Kaye, Catherine Omal, Richard Lee

It always seems a bit odd to be completely rugged up when heading off canyoning, but there are some advantages. Like being able to charge off through scrub with impunity given you have long pants and jumpers on!

The plan was to do a bit of canyon-ticking, and we had 5 canyons on the list - 7 if you count exit canyons. I thought it might be a bit ambitious, but we were through the pleasant Spiral Canyon and back at the cars before 2pm, giving us plenty of time to check out a pair of pretty slots, which some of the party enjoyed more than Spiral.

Business back in Sydney just left me, Alan, Rod and Meredith for the Sunday. A walk through the magnificent cathedral-esque Dry Canyon was appropriate on a Sunday morning, before heading to an interesting little canyon on top of a nearby mountain. This had a chilly thigh-deep pool, though we could have entered via a different branch for dry feet.

Finally, Rod, Alan and I checked out a pair of slots, though we missed the well-hidden exit crack the first time, which had us doing some dodgy moves to try and force a way through the 100m high cliffs! Almost as much driving as walking, but a great weekend of winter canyoning, just to show that you can canyon all year round if you want.