19-20/07/2014 - report - photos - The Dry Canyon track notes

Participants: Tom Brennan, Alan Osland, Rod Wales, Meredith Junor, Neil Soutar, Marcia Kaye, Catherine Omal, Richard Lee

Canyon 1

The party on the fire trail - Marcia, Rod, Cat, Alan, Richard, Neil, Meredith

Marcia on the first abseil into an amphitheatre

Alan belaying Richard

A little canyon section

Looking back at the climb down

Rod on the first abseil in the main creek

Richard and Cat watching

Cat on the abseil

The party gathered at the second (and last) abseil in the main creek

Neil scrambling down a drop that turns out to be easier than it looks

Marcia on the abseil

Neil on the abseil

In the canyon - Meredith, Marcia and Cat

The party heading down the short canyon


Alan on a log

Meredith and Marcia admiring the beautiful gorge

Tall trees and high walls in the gorge below the canyon

After finding an exit, we climb this pagoda...

...with views back across the valley...

...for lunch

Cat in scrub on the ridge out

Canyon 2

Heading into the canyon

Cat helping Marcia down a short drop

Looking down the drop - all climbs or jumps

Looking back up the canyon

Canyon formation

Alan scrambling in the other branch

Looking back down the canyon

Alan looking up past a wet pool

In the slot

Rod, Marcia and Cat in the canyon - looking down from the ledge on which we can climb out

Cat scrambling along the ledge

Marcia and Cat on the tops

Canyon 3 - The Dry Canyon

Hippo Rock?

Rod and Meredith admire the canyon

Canyon formation

Heading down the canyon

Alan exiting at the end

Donkey Mountain, somewhat marred by the Wolgan Valley Resort

Alan at the lookout

Tom (photo Meredith)

Meredith heading back up canyon

Canyon formation

Rod scrambling up a little drop

A sea of ferns in the lovely valley

Canyon 4

Looking down the first abseil

Meredith abseiling footwear free to keep her boots dry (this was the only wet section of the weekend)

Alan bridging

Meredith and Rod above an awkward drop

Canyon formation

Alan, Meredith and Rod at the final abseil in the canyon proper

Meredith on the abseil


Rounding the corner on the way out

Looking down to Rod on the final abseil back to the ground

Canyon 5

Alan abseiling

Rod abseiling

Rod scrambling out

In the exit slot

Looking down the exit slot

Rod at our lunch spot overlooking the valley

The exit slot - it's a long way down. We inadvertently missed the crack on the left and tried to ascend the main gully - a mistake!