06/04/2014 - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Andrew "Smiffy" Smith, Antoniya Bachvarova

Smiffy also has photos from this trip

Ready and raring to go!

Smiffy on the first (optional) abseil

Toni on the first real abseil!

Toni on the second abseil

Smiffy on the abseil

Smiffy on the next narrow abseil...

...that only gets narrower!

Toni on the abseil

Toni and Smiffy scrambling out of the upper constriction

Look at the focus!

The lower constriction starts with this drop - which could probably be climbed down in drier conditions

That looks like cheating Smiffy (or perhaps the log is very slippery!)

Another short drop

Another log slide in drier conditions

The slot narrows - Smiffy noting the next anchor

Toni and Smiffy sorting out the next drop

Toni abseiling

Toni looking down the next drop

Looking back at the previous abseil

The anchor for the drop

Toni and Smiffy

Toni on our eleventh abseil

Looking down the final impressive 30m drop

Toni at the top of the drop

Getting wet in the falls

Smiffy gets a shower

The normally chest deep pool at the bottom is only waist deep today

The final waterfall of Pipeline Canyon, flowing well