29/03/2014 - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Richard Pattison

Low cloud swirling around the cliffs

Cloud in the valley

The cloud snaking down the valley

The Girribung Creek fire reached the top of the cliffs

Mt Gundungaroo emerges

Rich in the first creek we descended

Beautiful gorge, but no canyon

We climbed out at a creek junction - looking back down the creek

The next creek, also beautiful rainforest gorge

However, this one looks a bit more promising

Rich scrambling down

There had been plenty of rain the previous week and the creek was flowing well, with the pools very full

Rich eying off a possible swim

A bit of wide bridging doesn't save us from a chest deep wade

Looking down the main drop

Rich abseiling

The lower section of the drop

Rich avoiding a shower

Cascade leading to another pool

...and another swim

Cascade and pool

After a short walk, we reached another canyon section below the junction

Waterfall in a side creek

Rich on the first abseil

We tied on a second rope and continued down another short drop

Rich on a short scramble in the slot

A slightly dodgy log slide

Looking back at the slide and pool

Rich trying to sit the ropes for the next drop

Trying to stay dry on the abseil

The third abseil in the lower section

In low water, it looked like we may have been able to climb down behind the boulder

Looking down the fourth abseil

Rich on the abseil

Rich on the final abseil

The last waterfall, another chockstone perched ominously