15/03/2014 - photos - Mt Hay Canyon track notes

Participants: Tom Brennan, Rod Wales, Kevin Songberg, Neil Soutar, Jason Miller, Marcia Kaye, Lucy Keatinge, Vivien de Remy de Courcelles, Henrik Topolinski

Neil climbing down into the side creek

Rod on the first abseil in the side creek

Neil on the second abseil

Lucy on the third abseil

Henrik on the third abseil

Kevin on the third abseil


The start of the canyon

Marcia on a short drop


... and more swimmers!

Marcia on the abseil before the main drop

Vivien at the bottom

Scrambling down to the main drop

Neil setting the first of the two abseils

Kevin taking photos

Rod on the chockstone

Lucy on the chockstone

The parties behind us, one abseiling, the other jumping

Kevin abseiling

Jason abseliing

Vivien at the bottom of the main drop, trying to avoid a swm

Neil on the second abseil of the main drop

Scrambling out of the slot

Looking back into the slot

Kevin jumping

The slot

Neil jumping a final time

Marcia abseiling the final drop

The last waterfall

Vivien on the abseil

Marcia on the exit climb

Looking down at the group behind us (Ali and Fernando) climbing

Kevin and Rod on the belay ledge

Fernando and Ali

Looking down into the canyon

On the exit track

A storm is brewing, mark my words

It hit us with some ferocity about ten minutes later