18/01/2014 - report - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Rachel Grindlay, James Yorston, Richard Pattison, Brendon Anderson, Alan Osland, Cat Omal

Rich above King George Brook

Brendon and Rich wading in the first section of canyon

Rachel and James


Rachel and Rich

Rachel finding that the pools are getting deeper

Below the first section of (real) canyon is a gorge (Jamieson's "Dry Section") - Rich contemplating a swim ... before climbing around

Massive overhang

One of many overhangs in this section

Rainforest gorge

The start of the second section of canyon



Canyon formation

Boulder scrambling below the second section of canyon

James and Alan at the bright orange sling that marked the start of the lower section of canyon

Rachel on the first abseil

Cat on the abseil

Alan on the second abseil

Rachel on the abseil

James wading at the bottom of the abseil

Rich tries to keep dry ...

... as Brendon and Rachel look on...

...however, there's only the one way through ...

...and that's by swimming

James jumping into a crystal clear pool

Walking in the lower canyon

Canyon formation

Canyon formation

Canyon formation

Brendon swimming

Exploring up a little side creek/canyon

"I'm big and red and scary!"

Brendon photographing the light on the overhangs

Rich belaying Rachel up the steep, loose chute

Rachel near the top of the chute

Rich on the final bit of climbing

Brendon looking back down into the creek

Walking the grassy tops in the late afternoon

Mt Banks

Looking across to Mt Tomah

Mt Hay and the Butterbox