26/12/2013-01/01/2014 - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Rachel Grindlay, Richard Pattison, Andrew "Smiffy" Smith, Antoniya Bachvarova, Sue Bucknell

Day 4

Day 4 - Canyon 1

Rich, Smiffy and I head off to check out a creek - Smiffy at the top of our pass

Rich scrambling in the canyon

Looking down the canyon

Smiffy on one of the abseils

Day 4 - Canyon 2

After climbing out again, we drop into another creek. Smiffy on the first abseil

Rachel on the second abseil

Sue balancing around a pool


Rachel on the third abseil

Smiffy and Rich watching Sue on the third abseil

Rachel on the fourth abseil


Rich bridging

The canyon opened out and there were a couple of abseils back to the ground

After lunch, our pass involved this steep climb up a slab - probably unnecessary if we had walked a bit further. Rachel and Rich on the climb

Heading up the ridge

Day 4 - Canyon 3

The next canyon took quite a while to get going. Toni on the second abseil

Toni climbing down under a boulder

Rich and Smiffy head down to the main drop

Rich and Smiffy

Smiffy on the third abseil

Toni on the third abseil

Smiffy on the fourth abseil

Toni above the fourth abseil

Canyon formation

Rich checking out whether he can downclimb the abseil

Toni scrambling

Toni in the canyon

Rich in the canyon


Blue Mountains Tree Frog

Toni and Smiffy

Sue on the final abseil

Unhappy Blue Tongue Lizard

Day 4 - Canyon 4

Open canyon in the main creek

Day 4 - Canyon 5

Rich and I then walked up the next side creek. Rich in the canyon

Canyon formation


Canyon formation

Sandy riverside campsite