15/06/2013 - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Melinda Turner, Cat Omal, Simon Hager

Looking down into our first canyon

Simon on a pagoda above the canyon

Shadow canyoners!

Simon descending the slot

In the narrow slot



Simon looking down the first abseil

Melinda on the abseil

Cat on the abseil

Simon goes high, Cat goes low

Simon prepares to jump

Cat takes the low option!

Canyon formation

In the main chamber

Exploring a narrow side slot

Simon deep in the slot

Melinda bridging

Cat bridging

Action aplenty

Cat climbing down near the end of the slot

Simon hanging out!

Simon enjoying the sun at the end of the canyon

Melinda above the final abseil

Cat on the abseil

The ferny exit gully

Looking into our next canyon

Descending off the pagodas

The entrance is via this interesting side slot

Simon, Cat and Melinda in the canyon

Simon looking down from a ledge

Cat, Melinda and Simon enjoying views out over the valley from the end of the canyon

Heading upstream, Melinda squeezing through a hole

Admiring one of the many chambers in the canyon

Melinda, Cat and Simon in one of the biggest acoustic chambers

Cat and Melinda

Simon showing off some climbing moves

Canyon formation

Cat climbing another massive chamber

Cat and Simon

Another wide overhang

The canyon narrows again

Cat trying to keep her feet dry