20-21/04/2013 - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Richard Pattison, Sue Bucknell

The three of us at the start of the walk - Sue, Rich, Tom

Sue and Rich at the clearing on Mt Cameron

The Mt Cameron hut - recently collapsed (Rich had been here in September when it was still standing)

Mt Cameron hut

Rich and Sue amongst the massive gums atop Mt Cameron

Sue and Rich in the creek

Looking down our first canyon

Rich and Sue rig up the ropes for the first abseil (in the canyon, we've already abseiled once higher in the creek)

Rich on the first abseil - which he hopes is not a swim...

...but it is as Sue demonstrates!

Canyon formation

Rich at the second abseil

Sue on the second abseil

Looking down the third abseil

Rich coiling the ropes on the third abseil

Canyon formation

Sue in the canyon

Canyon formation

Sue and Rich

Sue and Rich at our camp for the night, a small overhang

Sue and Rich admire the lower waterfall in the creek

The lower waterfall

Waterfall in the side canyon

Sue in the side canyon

Canyon formation

Canyon formation in another side canyon

Rich climbing back out of the second side canyon

Sue walking down the pretty creek

Rich demonstrating how to get to the top of the pass...

...and back down again!

Sue on a ledge looking into the main creek

Rich in the main creek

Waterfall in the main creek

Another waterfall in the main creek

Sue climbing the waterfall

Pothole in the creek

Rich and Sue at one of the last waterfalls

Pleasant creek walking

Side waterfall (and canyon?)

View back into the creek from our pass

Sue in scrub near Mt Cameron

Rich and Sue looking at an old bed near the hut

The Mt Cameron "Fire Trail" in late afternoon