06/04/2013 - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Richard Pattison, Vivien de Remy de Courcelles, Melissa Thomas

Vivien abseiling into the creek (unnecessarily, as we found a pass through this cliffline just downstream!)

Views across the valley of the main creek

Vivien and Mel explore a narrow slot

Mel abseiling the next cliffline

Rich in the canyon

Vivien on the abseil

Looking down the next drop in the canyon

Mel on the abseil

Vivien on the next abseil

Rich on the final abseil

In the main creek, Mel on a log walk

Rich boldly leads up the pass

An amazing caterpillar with a topknot

Vivien climbing the pass

Rich empties his volley at the top of Sand Pile Pass!

Views back across the valley to where we descended

Looking down our next creek, it's a long drop!

Rich on the first abseil

From halfway down the abseil, it's still a long way down!

Rich on the next abseil


Rich on the abseil again (after climbing up another way)


Rich checking out the anchor for the next drop

Rich on the final abseil

Canyon formation

Mel abseiling

Canyon formation


Canyon formation

Rich climbing down the last bit

Canyon formation

Mel on the climbdown

Back in the main creek, unfortunately a swim (both Rich and I had been here previously when it had been a wade!)


Vivien in canyon in the main creek