09/03/2013 - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Rachel Grindlay, Richard Pattison, Andrew "Smiffy" Smith

Rachel and Smiffy also have photos from this trip

Rich enjoying views from the pass

Climbing through an overhang on the pass

Rachel climbing one of the exposed sections

Rachel on the final pitch

Panoramic views of the Capertee Valley

Looking down the valley to Mt Gundangaroo

Rich abseiling into the mild upper section of canyon

Smiffy abseiling

Smiffy above a small fall

Rachel on the second abseil

Smiffy trying to avoid a swim (he succeeds)

Side canyon

Rich trying to reverse the side canyon (the log doesn't work, but he is able to climb up elsewhere)

Looking down the next drop - to avoid the swim we instead do two short abseils from a ledge

The waterfall from the bottom

Smiffy on the last abseil in the upper section

Rich stopping Rachel from swinging back under the waterfall

Looking up the canyon

There is a fair walk down the creek to the next section of canyon

The creek begins to drop...

...before reaching this impressive view down the canyon!

Smiffy on the first abseil in the lower section

Rich trying hard to avoid swinging into the falls - there was a considerable amount of water despite there being no rain for a week

Rachel at the bottom of the falls

Rachel on the next drop

Rich on the abseil

Rich swimming after the drop

Smiffy standing at the top of the next drop

The canyon continues

Smiffy on another exciting waterfall abseil

Smiffy watching Rachel abseil

The next little drop

Rich swimming the pool - I have seen other pictures of this pool with the water almost 2m lower!

Smiffy on the next abseil

Rachel on the final abseil in the canyon proper

Rich on the final abseil

Rather than walking around on a ledge, we do one more abseil down a large waterfall - Smiffy checking out the drop

Rachel on the abseil

Back at camp, afternoon light on the cliffs