25/04/2012 - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Richard Pattison, Sue Bucknell

Rich and Sue - 7 degrees at the car park!

Views of the creek through the trees

Sue on the ridge on the way in

Looking down at the Shoalhaven River

In the creek and ready to start suiting up

Sue on a log walk

The first pool, a wade (or climb around)

Rich and Sue

Sue on the first slide

Rich on the second slide

Sue and Rich swimming

Sue and Rich in the canyon

Rich on the slide - he comes whizzing down and then screams to a sudden halt as friction kicks in...

.,. and has to slide off the edge

Sue on the first abseil

Sue on the second abseil...

...while Rich gets off on a ledge to jump

Rich on the third abseil

Sue on the third abseil

Another view of the third abseil

Rich walking down the creek

Rich on a short hand over hand

Looking down the next two abseils

I run out of rope trying to do them in one and have to wait on this ledge!

Rich at the top of the fifth abseil

Sue on the fifth abseil

The main waterfall

Rich videoing

Looking down the last two drops to the river

Sue on the sixth abseil

Looking down the last abseil

Sue admiring the view


Rich on the sixth abseil



Sue on the last abseil

Rich on the last abseil

Looking back up the creek

The Shoalhaven River

Sue on the ridge out

Rich pointing across the river...

...at the Tolwong Chimneys? No...

...at Fordham Canyon

A group lugging canoes and all their gear down to the river for a multi day trip down to the dam. The purple thing is a sleeping mat!