19/02/2012 - photos - Hat Hill Canyon track notes

Participants: Tom Brennan, Brendon Anderson, Sue Bucknell, Kevin Songberg, James Swinton

Hat Hill Creek from Hat Hill

James, Kevin and Sue at Hat Hill

James in the creek

Looking down the first canyon

Brendon climbing down to the start of the first canyon

Brendon on the abseil


Brendon lower down

James and Kevin

Sue on the abseil

Kevin on the abseil

Canyon formation

Looking back up at the double arch that we abseiled

We walked up a larger creek that was also a canyon. Sunbeams in the canyon



Sunbeams and water drops


Brendon and James negotiating a fallen tree

Heading upstream



Spider web

We headed back to the cars and drove a short distance to another track, and walked out to a lookout for lunch. James ready to set off after lunch

The start of our second canyon

Kevin and Sue below the first abseil

Sue on the second abseil

James on the third abseil

James looking down the canyon

Kevin on the second part of the third abseil

James on the fourth abseil

Sue on the fifth abseil

Kevin on the fifth abseil

Kevin on the last abseil, into a larger creek

Kevin in canyon in the larger creek